Thursday, September 15, 2011

She Scribes: Enter to Win a FREE Baby Crib from Inspired Nursery

Enter to Win a FREE Baby Crib from Inspired Nursery
September 15, 2011
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Hurry! Today is the LAST DAY!

I just found out about a contest that I think some of my readers might be interested in. Inspired Nursery ( is having a special contest on their Facebook page ( If Inspired Nursery can get 1,500 “likes” on their Facebook page they will give away a beautiful CoCaLo baby bedding set and a Serta Crib Mattress. If they can reach 2,000 fans they will give a lucky fan a brand new crib from the Babi Italia collection. Right now they are at 1,488 “likes”. I’m sure they can easily hit 2,000 with your help. Be sure to spread the word with family, friends and those you network with. All you have to do to enter is simply “like” their Facebook page. You can’t get any easier then that.

I was checking out some of the product lines that Inspired Nursery works with. One of them is Bonavita ( Oh my! I wish they had crib sets like this when my children were babies. I absolutely love the convertible crib sets. Those are the ones that go from a crib, to a toddler bed and eventually they turn into a full size grown up bed. You just need the one bed set to take your child from infancy to adulthood. Talk about getting your moneys worth. I love the Sheffield Lifestyle Crib. It’s so pretty! I love the additional matching pieces you can purchase with it too. They have lifestyle sets ideal for girls, boys and unisex.

Another company is Babi Italia ( Oh my! Check out this beautiful Glider Cradle. I REALLY could have used this for our son when he was an infant. He had the worst colic in the world and constantly had to be kept moving or he’d scream his head off. This went on every day from around 5:00 PM to approximately 1:00 AM for around 4-5 months. It was a nightmare. If we had a Glider Cradle I bet it would have helped us out a lot. It would be much easier to gently push the cradle back and forth compared to walking around our home bouncing him up and down. I have never seen, or even heard of a Glider Cradle before. I had a Glider Chair when my daughter was an infant. They are really nice.

Check out and “like” their page for a chance to win a beautiful crib. For more information and tips by other moms about nurseries and nursery designs please visit

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