Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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January 2008
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Eco Deco for Baby

Is “green” the new pink or blue? Whether you are expecting your first, third or tenth baby, green seems to be a hot color for baby nurseries these days! While peaceful themes, pastel colors and calming patterns may be as popular as ever, there are now even more choices and ways to make baby’s nursery as safe and soothing for the environment as it is for baby. Today’s parents can decide to surround baby with more natural, eco-friendly toys, organic clothing and even offer an environmentally-friendly crib as a place to rest. Here are some ideas for parents looking for ways to make baby’s world a little greener:

RELAX: As with all things related to your new baby, relax and enjoy creating a nursery that aims for perspective over perfection. Whether you find your inspiration outdoors, online or elsewhere, you may want to take your time and work at your own pace because there is likely a lot to learn as you go.
COLOR MY (NEW) WORLD: For some, paint is a great place to start thinking green. Did you know there are new water-based low volatile organic compound paints? But, whichever paint you choose, planning ahead may be your most valuable tool. The earlier the painting is done, the
more time you will have to air out a room from paint odors. Don’t forget – not all babies wait the full 40 weeks to meet and greet you!
RASH OF NEW DIAPERS OUT THERE: Cloth environmentally-friendly diapers are back
in-style. These are not your grandmother’s rags! Diaper services today offer quick ship, pre-folded, organic cloth diapers with adorable wraps in sweet colors and designs. You may find you save a bundle on your bundle this way, too.
CLOTHING AU NATURAL: Many parents are seeking out organic baby clothing – made without chemicals, pesticides or finishing agents. Whether it is onesies, pajamas, or an outfit for baby’s day out, going “au natural” could soon mean something different for you!
TOYS TO GROW ON: Check out the many choices of toys made from natural cloth, organic fibers and/or simple wood. Back to the basics is a trend in home and toy décor of late.
THE LIGHT OF YOUR LIFE: You may find that your baby sleeps best in the most natural, yet soothing, light as possible. If you consider natural wooden shutters – which allow for you to arrange and adjust light coming in and out of the room –- you can determine the degree of light that works best for baby’s sleep habits.
OUTDOOR DÉCOR: If you are looking for interior décor ideas, maybe take a look outside for inspiration. Many decorating magazines are showing greenery and natural sticks indoors, and
you can be fun and creative with this fresh look for baby. Maybe you want to paint sticks white
and use as a picture frame, dip pinecones in paint or glitter, or press leaves between sheets of wax paper. You can even get big brother or sister involved, as well as change designs as seasons change.
SLEEPING IN: There are new eco-friendly baby nursery furniture collections – cribs, dressers, changing tables and even new organic, environmentally-friendly crib mattresses available. Many leading environmental organizations recommend the use of sustainable woods and environmentally-friendly finishes and glues, which are now part of the manufacturing process for some of these collections. Eco-friendly cribs and mattresses are available at specialty baby stores.

Article provided by LaJobi Industries Inc. ,a designer, manufacturer and distributor of leading
brands of juvenile furniture including Bonavita’s new environmentally-friendly La Madre baby
furniture collection and Serta Perfect Balance, Serta’s first “green” crib mattress