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August 2008

So you'd like to... create a nursery on a budget
A guide by hha (Portland, ME USA)

I picked all the things for this guide with the idea that if you are on a budget, it doesn't mean you can't have quality items, on the contrary it is more practical to go for multifunctional simple stuff of good quality which lasts longer. I realized, that it helps to make an estimate of the total cost of your project and always look at the big picture: buying one piece of furniture think of what else you would need to make it work. It also helps to have an open mind and think of YOUR actual necessities. After I had my baby I came to the conclusion, that a lot of things we think we need for baby care are just traditions, something that our mothers did or people around us do, which can sometimes be EXCESSIVE. Now I try to think of people living in other cultures to test my choices. Also I figured out that it is more practical NOT to go for any themes since it limits your choices but instead pick your style and colors. Uni-sex nurseries are also practical.

Think where you would like your baby to sleep: in your room or in a nursery, and if you would like to practice co-sleeping. My personal choices were to have my baby sleep separately. I ruled out having him sleep in a co-sleeper for a number of reasons. First of all, I looked at co-sleepers in the store and they all seemed a little cumbersome, too small for later use as a play-pen and not very mobile or portable. Secondly, I just didn't feel comfortable having my baby that close at night. I still didn't want him in a separate room far away from me at least for the first few months. Latest research shows that having your baby sleep in your room reduces risk of SIDS. Getting a bassinette seemed unpractical since it is useful only for a couple months and you can't use it for anything else. After days and days of research and talking to other parents I decided to buy a contemporary crib by DaVinci for the nursery DaVinci Alpha Crib - Natural (BTW, if you are petite, make sure the crib has a drop side)and a pack'n play with a bassinet feature Graco Pack 'n Play Portable Playard with Bassinet in Rise and Shine. Since I was going to use my pack'n play as a bassinet, I had to get 2 sheets: Graco Pack 'N Play Playard Sheet - White. The pack'n play comes in very handy when traveling; Graco brand is very good, it is light (yet sturdy) and makes a wonderful portable bed. The bassinet feature can be used until your baby is 15 pounds or can pull up on hands and knees. If you have an average size baby that is approximately till 4-5 months. You can use it later as a play-pen. When buying a mattress for the crib I did some research and found out that all mattresses on the market work pretty well. Just make sure that it doesn't fit too loosly for safety reasons or too tight. When it is too tight it will be very difficult to pull it out every time when you change sheets. Sealy Perfect Rest 150 Coil Mattress. If your mattress is covered vinyl (a lot of them are), then the only mattrees pad you need is a simple cotton crib pad Springmaid Baby Waterproof Crib Pad - Big Dot. I bought a fitted one at first and had to take it back. I am very happy with my cotton crib pad, it doesn't bunch up, it is very easy to wash and install and you can cut it in pieces to make smaller pads! So get 2 to make pads for the changing table or lap pads.

Changing station.
In my space limited situation a changing table seemed totally excessive, so I looked for a dresser that can be used as a changer. Since I am not very tall, Roxanne 3 Level 4 Drawer Dresser in Antiqie White Finish By Da Vinci Baby Furniture was just the right height. I use upper drawers for all my diapering necessities, so I don't need a diaper caddy. For diaper pail pick something simple that doesn't require expensive refills Safety 1st Diaper Pail. I like Diaper Dekor Disposable System though, since it hands free and comes with biodegradable refills. Get a cute changing pad Serta Nightstar Contour Changing Padand you won't need a pad cover, they are pretty wasteful since you always have to wash them.

If you are on a budget don't buy a bedding set. Go for a fitted knit crib sheet American Baby Company 100% Cotton Jersey Knit Crib Sheet - White and a breathable bumper BreathableBaby Breathable Bumper safer. Don't invest in expensive bumpers since you can't use them once your baby can pull up to stand, for the same reason don't go for expensive mobiles. Buy a mobile that can last longer like Danish Lucky Storks Mobile. Flensted is a wonderful Danish brand. They have tons of interesting designs! Also if you want to add some pizzazz splurge on a cute crib skirt which reflects your style, at least it is useful for a little longer. However, there are tons of cute inexpensive crib skirts of different styles in stores on sale. Check out this contemporary one by DwellStudio for just $11 DwellStudio™ for Target® Crib Skirt - Zoo! You can't go wrong with basics either, here is one by Circo: Circo® Basics Dust Ruffle - Green.

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